The Butterfly of the Sea: Red Gurnard.

The Red Gurnard (Chelidonichthys spinosus)is one of 100 different species of Sea Robins, or Gurnards. These fantastic fish are normally found on the sea floor at depths of around 660 ft. They have a special set of ‘wings,’ which are actually just beautiful pectoral fins, that allow them to “fly” through the water. They also
possess six spiny feet that allow them to walk across the ocean floor in search of food.

Golden Toilet!

World’s priciest toilet is located in Hong Kong. Built in 2001, the entire washroom required 380 kg of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones. Even the fixtures are made of gold. It coasted HK $38 million and is now worth HK $80 million

World’s Longest Ferrari

A 23-foot 360 Modena with eight seats and the biggest electric gullwing doors we’ve ever seen. It’s the handiwork of Style Limousines in Manchester, which spent more than £200,000 modifying the rear-engined 360. All eight of the seats are carbon-fibre buckets with five-point race harnesses – which might sound excessive until you discover that the 3.6-litre V8 remains, its 395bhp propelling the mega-Ferrari to 60mph in under six seconds.

Austria’s Green Lake

Austria’s Green Lake in the Hochschwab Mountains is a hiking trail in the winter. The snow melts in early summer and creates a completely clear lake. The lake has a grassy bottom, complete with underwater trails, park benches, and bridges.