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Dubai police adds a Lamborghini Aventador

Dubai police adds a Lamborghini Aventador
The Dubai Police have the middle eastern city buzzing after unveiling their new patrol car: a Lamborghini Aventador worth more than $400,000.The Aventador boasts a 700-horsepower V12 engine and a body and frame that are made out of carbon fiber.speed of 350 kilometres an hour.


Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police, told the news site that the department upgraded their fleet of sports and super cars after the greatly positive response from the worldwide public when the first Lamborghinis hit the road in police-livery.

“Those cars will be used for road security in different areas of Dubai,” he said, adding that they will be dispatched to tourists arrears and won’t be chasing thieves, as “Dubai is a safe oasis for residents and tourists and we want each and every one to enjoy our city.”

How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds

The amazing road from Shimla to the Himalayas.

India’s Himalayan roadways are among the oldest on the planet. Dating back to 206 B.C., the Himalayas were an integral part of the famous Silk Routes, connecting Central Asia with South Asia, and creating a bridge between the culturally and religiously diverse countries of India, China, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan.
Starting out on NH22 in Shimla, the “highway” heads northeast through the town of Rampur, onto the villages of Tapri, Karcham, Kuppa,and Kalpa. Cut somewhat haphazardly out of mountain cliff-sides, parts of NH22 have earned fear-inducing nicknames like “Freefall Freeway,” “The Cutouts,” “Breakaway Bend,” “The Ledge” and “Angry Mountain.”In many places along “the Cutouts,” only enough rock has been blasted out of the mountains to allow one vehicle to pass at a time. The drivers have to both be aware of the 1,000-foot cliff they’re driving along and scraping the top of their truck on the rock ceiling. “Breakaway Bend” challenges drivers to dangers of the unnatural kind–too much blasting has weakened the mountain from below, leading to not only potholes, but, in some places, total roadway failure. The road could give away from under the wheels of the truck at any moment

The World’s First Long-Hair Village

The World’s First Long-Hair Village Located in the Longji Scenic Are of Gulin, China, Huangluo Village received a Guinness certification for the “world’s longest hair village” and is also known as the “Long Hair Village” across China. The average hair length of the 120 women in Huangluo is 1.7 meters and the longest locks exceed 2.1 meters. YouTube : The World’s First Long-Hair Village