crazy things

snake massage

A spa in the northern communal village of Talmey El’Azar Israel offers snake massage treatments using Milk snakes, Corn snakes, Florida and California King snakes.

Ada Barak applies the treatments to those that are unnerved by the reptiles, with the belief that once customers get over the fear of the creatures, they find the contact to be soothing.

Time Magazine reporter Tim Mcgirk was brave enough to experience this trend.

Body painting artist Emma Hack

Body painting artist Emma Hack etched colours and markings on her models and arranged their arms, legs, and heads into the shape of a small hatchback. She designed the car down to the smallest detail including alloy wheels and a number plate by covering each model in shades of blue, white , black, and silver paint.

Emma Hack even made it look like the car had been pranged in a small accident by exposing the “engine” and leaving the front “bumper” hanging off.

Giuliano Stroe World’s Youngest Bodybuilder

Giuliano Stroe (born June 18, 2004) is a Romanian gymnast.Giuliano Stroe is a 7-year-old gymnast of Romanian descent. Giuliano Stroe has been lifting weights and learning gymnastics since he was two-years-old. In 2004, he was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records after setting the record for thefastest ever ten metre (33 feet) hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs.

On February 24, 2010 he broke the world record for number of push-ups of 90 degree (which is an exercise where without letting your feet touch the ground push-ups are performed). Stroe managed 20 90 degree push-ups beating his previous record of 12, live on Romanian TV.

amazing sculptures

Willard Wigan creates amazing sculptures that fit inside the eye of a needle.

Duringthe creation process, the artist has to control his nervous system to make sure

that he does not suddenly move and destroy the sculpture.