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Stuttgart City Library

The city of Stuttgart, Germany has officially opened a marvelous new media center, the Stuttgart City Library.  This cavernous white wonder is unobtrusive in design, where the books and visitors provide the color to an otherwise neutral environment.  The visual center of the Stuttgart City Library is its grand atrium, a five-story open chamber that feels like the work of a modernist MC Esher.  The interior is bright without direct lighting, it is warm without paint color and intimate yet open.  This work by Yi Architects is a success in design, instantly one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. [image

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Minute Hacks: How To Boost Your Wifi Signal

Are you having problems with your Wi-Fi signal? This is a simple hack that allows you to take advantage of those empty aluminum cans you have piling up and improve your Wi-Fi issues at the same time

Audi A9 Concept Design

Audi has just released its latest concept design. It is known as the A9 concept and it is unlike anything we have seen in any production car to date. Audi plans to project its A9 concept at a higher standing than its current top dog, the A8. Audi predicts that this concept will be advanced enough to overwhelm first-class luxury models from competitors such as the Porsche Panamera, and the Lamborghini Estoque if ever it will be put into production.








The form and features of the 2010 Audi A9 Concept were motivated in part by the magnificent structural design of Santiago Calatrava’s architecture in The City of Arts and Sciences located in Valencia. Such inspiration can be seen in the smooth, sleek and flowing contours of the vehicle along with its futuristic structure. Calatrava’s constructions seem as if they were taken from centuries in the future, and Audi’s concept emulates the same ideals.








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The bicycle can be transformed to a trolley

If you’ve ever ridden your bike to the grocery store only to find out with dismay that the store doesn’t provide bike racks, this could be just what you’ve been wishing for. The sassy little bike folds up into a shopping cart that you can wheel right into the store with you and down each aisle as you make your selections