The massive spider


The massive spider

Housed temporarily at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, “Maman” is a a 30-foot-tall sculpture of a spider.
It was designed in 1999 and has appeared at the Tate Modern in London, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in the USA, the National Gallery of Canada, the State Hermitage Museum in Russia, the Mori Art Museum in Japan and the Samsung Museum of Modern Art in South Korea.

Manjibhai Lavjibhai Ramani

Name: Manjibhai Lavjibhai Ramani
DOB: 15-06-1959
Birth Place: Atkot (Rajkot)
Painting Style: Mouth painter
Member of MFPA since: 2006
Nationality: Indian

Due to an accident in 1970, Mr. Manjibai Ramani had to have both of his arms amputated. Despite his disability he did not give up and has been involved in mouth painting since 1978.
The artist took a degree in painting and fine arts in a five-year study course. He attended the “College of Fine Arts” in Ahmedabad, where he studied natural, figurative and abstract painting as well as portrait painting.
He has participated in several national exhibitions and has also had solo shows. Furthermore, he teaches fine arts to students of different ages.
He has been a member of MFPA since 2006 !!!

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Giant tortoises

Giant tortoises are characteristic reptiles of certain tropical islands.Often reaching enormous size—they can weigh as much as 300 kg (660 lbs) and can grow to be 1.3 m (4 ft) long—they live, or lived (some species are recently extinct), in the Seychelles, the Mascarenes and the Galapagos.