Creative Reactive Armor Meiosis Backpack Bag

Creative Reactive Armor Meiosis Backpack Bag
Meiosis Backpack bag is a “reactive armor” in your back, the whole bag is made of flexible mesh fabric material, no matter how much you put it in, this equipment will handle it well. If there is nothing in the bag, in order to prevent the bag huddled together, Meiosis Backpack gat a creatively design that is put some “armor” in the surface, so these slightly harder stuff can ensure bags will not be deformed in the most hours, and give us a kinds of cool visual effects, if you put it on your back, you will really look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with reactive armor, then lt will make you so special and attract more people of eyeball, at the same time you will get more confidence.


The labor-intensive work of paving a road has been simplified by a Dutch machine called the Tiger-Stone.Wherever the device goes, it will produce an instant road in the front. 
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Tiger-Stone is a Dutch made paving machine that uses gravity and an electric motor to print stone and brick roads. It’s a six meter wide machine that is capable of laying 300 square meters of road a day. The printing width is adjustable from the width of a road to as narrow as a bike lane or walkway. There are no moving parts within the machine, it simply uses a shelf that is fed bricks and they are automatically sorted and packed together by gravity, each stone will associate with the link previously made. There is a quiet electric motor that moves the machine along a bed of sand creating consistent results with a simply operated pave

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The Original Han & Leia Rings

Han Solo is too badass to say ‘I love you’. But he’s also one of the sexiest scoundrels there is. Have your own little Han & Leia role play with these hand stamped aluminum rings.

Window Phone Concept

Is it a window, is it a phone? No. Actually, it’s Window phone and this is the part where you are saying “Whaaat? What are you talking about?”. The phone is actually a concept with extraordinary features. Surely if this could be actually put into production, it would set a new standard for the term “cool”.

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